XML – Namespaces


XML Namespaces:

  1. XML Namespace is a named collection of names
  2. Qualified name – namespace prefix:local name
  3. A namespace declaration applies to the element in which it is declared.
  4. Unqualified attribute names do not belong to any namespace
  5. Qualified attribute names belong to the associated namespace
  6. Attributes are not explicitly part of any default namespace
  7. Default namespace can be disabled by using an empty value in the default namespace declaration
  8. XML namespaces do not work well with DTDs
  9. An XML namespace is a collection of element type and attribute names
  10. Two part naming system is he only thing defined by the XML namespace recommendation
  11. XML namespaces contain names of element types and attributes not the elements or attributes themselves
  12. If an element type or attribute name is not specifically declared to be in an XML namespace and there is no default namespace then that name is not in any XML namespace
  13. XML namespaces do not apply to entity names, notation names or PI targets
  14. No namespace declarations apply to DTDs
  15. XML namespace prefix cannot be undeclared, it can be overridden by redeclaring the same namespace prefix to some other URI.


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