1. XSL-FO stands for XSL-Formatting Objects
  2. XSL Formatting Objects, is a powerful and complex XML based technology for the presentation of XML on screen or on paper.
  3. XSL has two parts – XSLT(transformation) and XSL-FO(formatting)
  4. 2 unicode formats are the basis of XML characters – UTF-8 and UTF-16.
  5. XSL-FO is a document description language
  6. Within an XSL-FO document, there are two basic parts:
    1. The layout for the entire document is contained within aelement
    2. Content to be displayed is nested within elements, which are linked by their master-name attribute to a particular page layout specified in a element.
  7. has attributes:
    page-width, page-height, margin-left, margin-right, margin-top, margin-bottom
  8. Region left after attributes is: . This element has following attributes:
  9. Absolute positions of and alter if the direction of a line of writing changes.
  10. Content of the headers and footers is static. Both are represented inelements.
  11. elements for both header and footer precede the element for the main page content.
  12. Within elements, there can be a variety of XSL-FO elements:


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