VFX Tutorials – Rotoscoping

VFX Tutorials – Rotoscoping:

What is Rotoscoping in VFX?

Rotoscoping is an animated technique which is used by animator to trace over motion picture footage, when pragmatic action is required frame by frame. At first, photographed live action images and movie were anticipated on top of a glass panel and re-drawn by an animator. The artist is bringing out the obvious relaxation while Roto the object, which the movie projector at the right is beaming an image of single movie frame.

Available file types:

  • .DPX
  • .EXR
  • .JPEG

Software used to perform ROTOSCOPING:

  • Silhoutte
  • Nuke
  • Mocha

How to use Silhouette?

1. Create new project as below given image
2. Browse and choose the path where you had input and load it.
3. Create project name as given below
4. Importing meta data as given below image
5.Click first frame and load the project
6. Create new session as given below image
7. Create file name as given below image for session
8. Below image is tool box which is mostly used in silhouette

Roto toolbar

Number of tools are selectable from toolbar when the roto node is selected as below given image

Toolbar Keyboard ShortcutsShortcut ActionShift-B Selects BezierShift-S Selects SquareShift-C Selects CircleShift-F Selects FeatherShift-T Selects TrackerShift – z – x  Check the key to key FramesShift –x Next frameShift- z Previous frameB Selects B-SplineM Selects MutiFrameR Selects Reshape/ Point adjustmentS Selects X-SplineT Selects Transform Shape ModeTT Selects X-SplineY Selects Inverse Kinematice(IK)W Rotate

Below given link is reference for how to work in silhouette
Once Roto work completed please check with input and output as given below image.
Given below image is an alpha to check the holes in character or image.
Below image is reference to render the session
Below image is reference to render the project

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