Python Variables


Python Variables:

Variable is nothing but container, it holds some data and one data at a time

Single variable hold Single data

Most variables have unique names

To write the variable names, we can use lowercase (a-z), uppercase (A-Z),numbers(0-9) and underscore _

Never use special character while naming variables such as @,$,%.&,! Etc

Don’t Start variable name with numbers

But, we can use the variable name with the combination of alphabets and numbers

Like in other programming language, we can’t declare the variable before going to use that variables

So, we can assign the value to variable directly before we are going to use

So, there is no concept of declaring a variable in python programming

But, we can consider the direct assign value to variable as the variable initialization of that variable


Single value Assign to Single Variables:


Single value Assign to Multiple Variables:


Multiple values Assign to Multiple Variables:



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