JSP Tutorial


JSP  Tutorial stands for Java Server Pages Tutorial. JSP Technology  is used to create dynamic web pages. JSP is used to build web applications.

JSP was developed to solve the drawbacks of Java Servlets. Initially, when the servlets were developed, there was no separation between the user interface and the business logic. Hence JSP was developed with complete presentation logic of the web application, separating the business logic out of the presentation logic.

Life cycle of JSP:

  • JSP is translated into servlet code.
  • Servlet code is compiled to byte code.
  • Class loading.
  • Instantiation of the servlet object.
  • Initialization by calling Jspinit() method.
  • Processing the request by calling _JspService() method.
  • Destroy by invoking the JspDestroy() method.

JSP is easy to learn and implement by any programmer. Below is the list of topics in this JSP tutorial.

JSP Expressions

JSP Scriptlet

JSP Declaration

JSP Comments

JSP Page Directive

JSP Include Directive

JSP Taglib Directive

JSP Implicit objects

JSP Action Tag


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