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There are three types of belch:

(1) Belch due to hunger
(2) Belch due to good digestion
(3) Belch due to indigestion.

  • (1) Belch due to hunger: Belch can come even when we are hungry. This is because, when we are hungry, hydrochloric acid is secreted in the stomach in order to digest the food. This means that we have to eat something at that time. Otherwise, this acid will wait for some time and then it will get diluted. It will then come out as belching. This is belching due to hunger.
  • When we feel hungry, if we belch before eating then it means that our stomach is giving a warning to us. Then we have to understand that we need to eat something immediately. Those who cannot eat food immediately can eat some fruits and postpone the hunger for some time. In case it is not possible for us to eat any food for the next two hours, if we drink half litre of water and dilute the acid, then we will not get the disease called Ulcer.
  • Thus, belching can occur when there is hunger. We have to understand this belch and eat immediately. Otherwise, we have to drink plenty of water and thus save our stomach from ulcer.
  • (2) Belch due to good digestion: Belching may come while eating. This type of belching means that we are eating the food properly and the food is getting digested properly.
  • The stomach has one valve above and one valve below. The food path (alimentary canal) carries the food we eat through the mouth into the stomach. There is a valve at the point where the food from the food path enters into the stomach. This valve normally allows the food to go through it only in one direction. This valve opens to allow food in the food pipe to enter into the stomach and then it closes. It does not allow food to go in the reverse direction. The existence of this valve is the reason behind the fact that even if we stand upside down after taking food the food does not come out of our mouth. This valve opens in the reverse direction only in emergency times such as vomiting.
  • Similarly there is a valve at the bottom of the stomach for allowing the food from the stomach to the small intestine. This valve allows the food only in the downward direction and it does not allow the food to come back in the opposite direction.
  • Some people will get belching even while they eat. This is because of the fact that when the food is digested well in the stomach and it is pushed down from the stomach to the small intestine through the valve at the bottom of the stomach, an empty space (vacuum) is created in the stomach. Air will be needed inside the stomach to fill up this empty space. The valve at the top of the stomach will open at that time in order to take the air through the mouth into the stomach. This creates the sound of belching.
  • When we eat food, if belching comes as we keep eating, it means that we are eating properly and in the correct manner. Some people may keep eating without knowing how much to eat. We want to clarify one point to these people. If belching comes when we are eating, it means that the stomach is informing us that we have eaten enough. So, we should stop eating if we get belching when we are eating.
  • We have already told in DVDs that we have to stop eating immediately when we get the first belching while eating. But there can be a small complication here. Some people may get their first belching after eating a small amount of food. But if they stop eating at that time then they may feel hungry again within an hour or so. But they may not eat again at that time.
  • In our treatment, there are two rules namely, “Stop eating after first belching” and “Eat when you feel hungry”. So, if you stop eating after first belching, then you should eat when you fell hungry again. But some people stop eating immediately when they get first belching but they do not eat when they feel hungry again.
  • Therefore, only those people who remain in the house and who can eat whenever they feel hungry should use the guideline that we should stop eating immediately after getting the first belching.
  • Some people who go for office work may get belch after eating two Rotis at 8.00 am in the morning. They will fell terribly hungry again at 12.00 noon. But their office lunch time may be only at 2.00 pm. This will cause problems for them.
  • Therefore, please follow one of the following two guidelines, whichever is feasible for you to follow: (a) We should stop eating after getting the first belch. But we have to immediately eat again when we feel hungry. (b) Without bothering about belching and without stopping, we should eat as much as we like to eat. Those people who have fixed lunch hours should eat sufficient amount of food in the morning so that they feel hungry again during their lunch hour.
  • (3) Belch due to indigestion: Some people may get belching one or two hours after eating the food. This is due to indigestion. This means that the food that went inside the stomach has not been digested properly, remained inside the stomach for several hours and became rotten. The bad air coming from this food is the reason for this belching. So, all those who get belch after eating food should understand that they did not eat the food properly and at least from now on start eating properly.


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