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  • If TB is not treated properly and medicines are consumed for several years, there is a possibility of getting the disease called Cancer.
  • From all these, we understand that treatment for sneezing leads to running nose, treatment for running nose leads to cold, treatment for cold leads to chest cold, treatment for chest cold leads to cough, treatment for cough leads to Wheezing, treatment for Wheezing leads to Asthma, treatment for Asthma leads to TB and finally treatment for TB leads to Cancer.
  • But, once a person gets Cancer, doctors say that the reason for Cancer is not known and that it cannot be cured. Actually, when the body was trying to throw out the wastages, we called it a disease, gave it a name and gave a treatment for that disease. That so-called treatment is the real reason for all these problems.
  • Therefore, all that we have discussed above are not diseases at all. Our body will always try to keep itself in a healthy condition and it will never try to create a disease. Therefore, from now on, when we get sneezing, running nose or cold, if we send the wastage out, we can save ourselves from more serious conditions that could follow.
  • So, from today onwards, do not feel shy to blow out any wastage that comes through the nose. We should never do anything to keep the wastages inside our body. Then, all the wastages that have been stored inside our body will come out and our body will be healthy.

We can use any of the following methods for sending out the wastages from our lungs:

  1. If we consume baby onions (10 to 20 numbers) in some way daily, phlegm will come out.
  2. We can eat 5 Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil) daily.
  3. We can consume one Karpuravalli leaf daily.
  4. We can consume Milagu (Black Pepper) Rasam or Milagu mixed with honey.
  5. We can consume Ginger tea.
  6. We can do Nadi Suddhi (Alternate Nostril Breathing) exercise.
  7. We can consume raw Thuthuvalai leaf or Rasam prepared with Thuthuvalai.
  8. We can consume cabbage.

If we follow any or all of the eight ways mentioned above, phlegm will come out of our body. Thus we can clean our lungs.

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