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  • There are three major differences between Anatomic Therapy and all the other medical treatments being practiced in the world. The following basic principles of A n a t o m i c T h e r a p y e x p l a i n t h e s e differences.

1. There is no disease in any body part. The disease is only in the blood.

  • All the parts in our body live solely dependent on the blood and its ingredients.
  • Therefore, the complications in the blood are the fundamental reason for all the diseases occurring in the body parts. But, the medical practitioners around the world are all searching for diseases in the body parts. That is why they keep on giving treatment for the same disease for several years.

2. There are two types of ingredients in the blood namely good ingredients and bad ingredients.

  • Doctors in the world count the amount of sugar in the blood. But they do not check as to how much good sugar and how much bad sugar is present in the blood. Good and bad depend on the potency (power) of the sugar. All the ingredients in the blood such as sugar, calcium, sodium, iodine, etc. have their potency. Some items will be more potent and some items will be less potent. More potent items are good items. Less potent items are bad items.
  • When we go to a cloth shop, we see clothes of different quality and price. Even a commodity such as rice is available at different prices, and the price depends on the quality. All the items in the world have their own quality. Inferior quality items are available at lower prices and superior quality items are available at higher prices. When it is so, then why does nobody observe the quality of items in the blood?
  • Even people are said to have good mind and bad mind. We cannot see this with our eyes. All medicines and tablets have dosages. The same tablet is available in different dosage levels.
  • Therefore, all the things in the world can be segregated as good quality and bad quality, high potency and low potency. Similarly, all items in the blood can be segregated based on their potency. Therefore, the main reason for the medical world not being able to cure the disease is the fact that they do not see the quality of the ingredients in the blood. In anatomic therapy, we see the quality of ingredients in the blood.

3. No body part or gland in our body malfunctions at any time.

  • Doctors say, “Your pancreas does not function properly” “your thyroid does not function properly” “your kidney does not function properly”, and so on. Please understand one thing clearly. No part in our body ever malfunctions.
  • You accept that your pancreas malfunctions. Are you separated from your pancreas? It is very much part of yourself. If a part of our body does not function properly, it means that we are not functioning properly.
  • All our body parts have the sole intention of keeping our body in a healthy condition. They do not make any mistake and they never have any intention to do so. Therefore, when the doctor says that a part in our body does not function properly, then we have to understand that we are the one that is not functioning properly.
  • So, please never say from now on that our body parts are malfunctioning. Our body parts get affected when we do a mistake but they themselves never make any mistake. Our body parts always attempt to save us. We are the ones who do a lot of things to damage our body parts. The mistakes of the patient affect a body part and not the other way. Therefore, let us not say that a body part does a mistake. We do all the mistakes. By correcting our mistakes, we can take care of our body parts and cure the diseases.
  • By realizing these three differences, we can cure all the diseases without the help of any doctor, medicine or tablet.

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