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Now we recollect briefly what we have learnt earlier. Diseases are of two types:

  1. The diseases which come from within the body
  2. The diseases which are caused by something outside the body.

We have to compulsorily go to a doctor for the diseases belonging to the second category. We have to consume medicines and tablets. We have to undergo surgery if needed. But the diseases of the first category can be cured easily without the help of any doctor. This is because there are five reasons for diseases of this type:

(1) The quality of an item in the blood reducing
(2) The quantity of an item in the blood reducing or the absence of an item in the blood
(3) The quantity of blood reducing
(4) The mind being affected
(5) The body parts and cells losing their intelligence

  • We have understood these things clearly. In case these are not clear to some people, the following example will further clarify.
  • A person meets with an accident and he is taken to the hospital. What do they do in the hospital? First of all, they ask us to bring four or five bottles of “O Positive” group of blood. We have seen that reduction in the quantity of blood in the body is a disease. Because this is an important disease, immediately the person is being given four bottles of blood. Thus, they set right one of the five reasons that we stated above. Do they say anytime, “The quantity of your mind has been reduced; Bring four bottles of mind”? Mind cannot be taken in a bottle.
  • Do they say, “The intelligence of the cells in your body has gone bad; Bring four bottles of intelligence”? No one can directly set right the intelligence of the body. The mind also cannot be set right by injection or surgery.
  • They have now set right the quantity of blood. Now let us think about the remaining two things. These two things are that all items should be available in the blood in right quantity and they should be good quality items. To set right these things, one bottle will be hung upside down with a tube and the water from that bottle will be sent into the body through an injection on the hand or at any other place inthe body.
  • Generally, laymen call these bottles as glucose bottles. But, all these bottles are not glucose bottles. These bottles may have different things such as glucose, a salt called sodium chloride, or a solution containing minerals, etc. When this water is sent drop by drop into the body, another bottle will be kept with a tube for passing urine. When a p a t i e n t i s i n a n unconscious state, he will be unable to eat food or drink water. Only air will go inside and come out as he breathes. Treatment is given in this way to a patient who is in coma even for three months.
  • How is it possible to save a life for three months just by sending an item drop by drop into the blood? Medicine also will be sent drop by drop into the blood for this patient in coma. If required, four or five injections will be given in a day. Totally, a few litres of liquid will be added to the blood every day. As long as all good items are being sent to the blood, these items will reach all the cells through the blood and all the cells will save themselves and also cure their diseases by consuming these items.
  • The items that go into the cells get converted into waste, come back to the blood and then they will be going outside the body through the urine. So, treatment is nothing but keeping all the items in the blood in right quantity and right quality. If this is done, all the body parts will cure themselves and there is no separate treatment required to be given to each body part.
  • When glucose is sent from the bottle or when injection is given in the hospital, are they given separately for each body part? By mixing the liquid in the blood drop by drop at a single point in the body, treatment is being given to all the parts of the body.
  • What do we understand from this? Intelligence of the body is present. The mind is also there. If required, blood can be given artificially through any number of bottles. By keeping all the items in the blood in the right quantity and right quality, all the diseases in all the body parts can be cured. Therefore, it is clear that the five things given earlier are the real reasons for all the diseases in the world.
  • If these facts are openly disclosed to the general public by the scientists and doctors, then people can live happily without any disease. Then there will be no big business and no big profit in the field of medicine. So, the present medical world has hidden these five reasons from the public so that many new medicines and tablets can be invented and lot of money can be earned by selling it to the gullible public by cheating them. When we, without any deep knowledge of medicine, are able to explain to this extent, why are the Nobel Prize winners and great scientists have not explained these things clearly to the people of the world?
  • Therefore, once again we reiterate that the five things explained earlier are the basic reasons for all the diseases in the world and by setting right these five things all the diseases can be easily cured without the need of any medicine or tablet.
  • You go to a doctor when you have pain in the knee joint. The doctor gives an injection in the hand. Have you ever thought about it? When the pain is in the knee joint, why was the treatment given in the hand? What is the connection between the hand and the knee joint? Please be clear that the treatment is not for the hand but it is for the blood in the hand.
  • Pain in the knee joint is not a disease connected with the knee joint at all. The fact is that some items eaten by the cells in the knee joint have gone bad in the blood. The scientists have found out the item which, when it goes bad in the blood or is absent in the blood, causes pain in the knee joint. Then they send that item into the blood through medicine, tablet or injection. But, we can do the same thing in a natural way without using medicines and tablets.
  • When these items are artificially sent into the blood through injection in the hand, these items move through the blood from the hand to the knee joint, and then the cells in the knee joint take these items, consume them and cure their diseases. Therefore, we understand that knee joint pain is not a disease concerned with the knee joint and it is caused when an item has gone bad in the blood or is absent in the blood.
  • When I was young, once I had pain in the eye and I went to a doctor. The doctor made me lie down flat on my stomach and gave an injection in the buttocks. It made me think. Why should the treatment be given in the buttocks when the pain is in the eye? Then I understood that eye pain is not a disease in the eye at all. An item consumed by the eye has gone bad in the blood or is absent in the blood.
  • So, the disease is in the blood and not in the eye. When an injection is given in the buttocks, some items in the injected medicine mix in the blood and when this blood comes to the eye, the eye takes these items and cures itself. So, any disease in the eye has no connection with the eye and it is actually a disease related to the blood.
  • When we have a pain in the ear, we go to the doctor and consume a tablet. Why should the tablet go to the stomach when the pain is in the ear? The tablet that we eat through the mouth gets digested in the stomach, mixes with the blood and this blood goes to the ear. The ear takes the item from the blood and cures itself. So, ear pain is not a disease related to the ear. It is actually a disease occurring due to an item in the blood going bad or being absent in the blood.
  • Therefore, if any pain or suffering happens in any body part, that part is not responsible for it. The blood is responsible for it. Moreover, the disease is in the five reasons mentioned above.
  • From now on, if anyone talks about any disease, we can give the correct reason for that disease. For example, if someone asks you why hair fall occurs, tell them confidently, “Hair fall is not a disease concerned with hair at all. An item needed by the hair has gone bad in the blood or its quantity has reduced in the blood or the quantity of blood has reduced or the mind has been affected because of the hair fall or the intelligence of the body to renew hair has gone bad.”
  • Similarly, irrespective of whichever part such as neck, ear, nose, kidney, heart, lungs, etc. may have the disease, first of all let us be clear that the disease is not localized in that part. Secondly, think of these five reasons and you will find that they are the most appropriate.
  • Therefore, please understand that the reasons for all the diseases such as greying of hair, eye-related diseases such as shortsightedness, long-sightedness, glaucoma, cataract, watering in the eyes, all ear-related diseases, all nose-related diseases, all mouth-related diseases, etc. are these five alone.
  • The reasons for all heart-related diseases such as BP, heart valve contraction, expansion, hole in the heart, fat globules, etc. are again these five only. The reasons for all lung-related diseases such as asthma, breathlessness, chest congestion, cough, cold, running nose, sneezing, etc. are these five reasons alone. For all the stomachrelated diseases such as indigestion, ulcer, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), gastric trouble, etc. the reason is not in the stomach but these five are the reasons.
  • Similarly, for all the diseases such as stone in the uterus, kidney stone, gall bladder stone, pediatric diseases, impotence, constipation, knee joint pain, back pain, hip pain, thigh pain, calf muscle pain, ankle pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensation in the sole, prickling sensation, sharp pain, cramps, etc. in the leg, nail chipping, Varicosis, Thyroid, Cancer, AIDS, all skin-related diseases, eczema, Psoriasis, memory loss, etc. these five are the reasons and there is no disease in that body part at all.
  • Sterility is not a separate disease and there is no separate cure for it. One or more of the five factors mentioned above may not be all right either for the husband or for the wife. Therefore, if the husband and wife come together after setting right these five factors, certainly they will get a child.
  • Impotence is not a disease. When you have a lot of money, you will spend it for any purpose without hesitation. When you have a shortage of money, you will count the money and spend it only for the most essential needs and avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  • In the same way, when all the body parts are healthy and there is excess energy, your body will use the excess energy for libido (manliness) in a liberal way. However, when there is a disease in several parts of the body, the body will use the pranic energy (life force energy) only for curing the diseases because it is the most important need of the body. Therefore, it will not use the energy for libido.
  • Therefore, impotence is not a disease by itself. When the body has several diseases and it is unable to cure them, it bans this activity as unnecessary wastage of energy. Therefore, we have to understand that manliness will be surely obtained once the body cures the diseases and becomes healthy and we have to first of all try to cure the diseases in the body.
  • So far, we have understood by reading this book that these five factors are the reasons for all the diseases. Therefore, after reading this book completely, please do not mention the name of a particular disease and ask whether it is possible to cure that disease. Whatever may be the disease these five are the basic reasons.

In fact, these five reasons are only the most fundamental reasons for the diseases. There are also several other reasons for the occurrence of diseases. These are listed below:

6. If our brain is affected, diseases can occur.
7. Some thoughts recorded in our subconscious mind can create diseases.
8. Our soul has an innate power. If this power reduces, it can cause diseases.
9. There is an area of power circulation called “Aura” around our body. If the intensity of this aura reduces, diseases can occur.
10. If the quality of the Pancha boothas (five elements) in our environment such as land, water, fire, space and air goes down, diseases will occur in the body.
11. If some body parts are not properly created during the birth, then the body can get diseases.
12. Due to hereditary reasons, DNA, RNA, genes, etc. may not be all right and these also can cause diseases.

  • In addition to the above, there are thousands of other reasons for a disease. However, we are going to see in this book only the five fundamental reasons. In our next book, which is likely to be released shortly, we are going to see all the twelve reasons causing diseases and also how to set them right.
  • If you understand the five reasons, you can become half a doctor. If you learn how to keep the five factors properly, then you can become a complete doctor.

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