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  • When the waste material is unable to go outside in some way and it gets stored in our body, finally the waste material accumulates and creates life-threatening diseases such as Cancer and AIDS. But, when these diseases appear, we say that we do not know the reason for their occurrence. The basic reason for Cancer and AIDS is the fact that people take medicine and tablet for sneezing, running nose, cold, vomiting, dysentery, fever, etc. in the name of treatment.
  • You can do one experiment. Fill half of a glass bottle with rice and close the lid tightly so that no air can go inside. If you observe it after a few months, you will see that the rice has gone rotten. One fine day you will see that there are a few bugs inside! How did these insects, which are living creatures with eyes, ears, nose, etc., come inside the air-tight glass bottle?
  • This means that, when the rice rots, God creates life there in a natural way to eat that rotten rice. The rice is in a good condition when the “Pancha Boothas” (the five primary constituents of the matter namely land, water, air, fire and space) needed for it are present in that place. When the rice rots and the pancha boothas in that bottle get transformed, a pancha bootha suitable for the living of a bug is created. At that time, several living things are created from nowhere.
  • These bugs eat that rotten rice. The rice has created the bug. But the bugs eat that rice itself as their food. Thus, several bugs are created through regeneration and their number keeps on increasing.
  • Then the quantity of rice keeps on reducing. At some point of time when the rice is totally exhausted, all the bugs will die due to lack of food. The dead bodies of the bugs will change the pancha boothas in the bottle and after a few days we can see several worms inside it!
  • Where did these worms come from? These worms are nothing but a life created out of the dead bodies of the bugs. The pancha boothas inside the bottle have been transformed again. But, because these pancha boothas are now suitable for the worms, the worms start living now. But the bugs have died because they could not live in these pancha boothas. The worms will start eating the dead bugs. Once all the dead bugs are exhausted, the worms will also die. Now several other small insects will be created.
  • If we see the bottle after several years, nothing will be visible to our eyes. Thus, after some time, we see a bottle with nothing inside. This is the principle of pancha boothas in the world. All things are created out of nothing. Again these things become nothing. If we understand this, then we can also understand the reason for the diseases such as Cancer and AIDS and also the way to cure them.
  • You might have heard about the fatty tumor (Lipoma). Our body stores all bad fat in a location. This is called fatty tumor. Whenever our body is not able to send out the waste matter in any way, it will store it at some place. This waste material will rot and some germs will be created to eat this waste. Now, there will be pain at that part of the body. Medical community does research on these germs and says that the body will get disease due to these dangerous germs.
  • When a germ is created to eat the waste, it will die after eating all the waste. Then some other germs will be created and after some time, there will be nothing there. If cancerous tumor is formed, then by reading this book and following all the guidelines given here, we can get rid of all the waste from our body and cure ourselves from the diseases such as Cancer and AIDS.
  • If you see a dead dog on the road, you will observe thousands of worms on it after a few days. Did these worms come from any forest area nearby saying, “A dead dog lies there, let us go there and eat it”? No. When a life called dog dies, it disintegrates into a number of germs called maggots and these germs eat the dead dog. It will be funny if some onlooker says that the germs have killed the dog and are eating it. Just in the same way, when there is a germ in our body, the medical world sees it through a microscope and researches it and says that the disease came only because of this germ.
  • The germ has been created to eat the waste. Instead of doing anything to the germ, if we just stop sending any more waste inside the body and follow some natural methods to send the waste out of the body, the germs will die. If we understand this, we can cure any life-threatening disease without any tablet or medicine.
  • From what we have seen so far, we have understood one thing. Our body never creates any disease. When the body tries to send out the waste material that gets stagnated inside, we brand it as a disease and take some treatment to prevent the body from sending the waste material out. This treatment is the actual disease.
  • Therefore, the basic cause of all the diseases is the stagnation of garbage in our body. Thus, the cure for all the diseases is the removal of garbage from the body.
  • To start with, we need to learn how to remove the wastages that are stagnating in our body for several years and cleanse our body of these wastages. Then we need to prevent further stagnation of garbage in our body. We can learn these two techniques by reading this book completely.

Let us now know how to remove the garbage from our body:

  1. Once in every month, we need to clean our stomach by consuming two teaspoons of Castor Oil mixed with hot water. Castor Oil should not be taken with ordinary water. After the bowel movement is over, if we eat curd rice, we will feel hungry again.
  2. When we get sneezing, runny nose, cold, dysentery, fever, vomiting, etc. we have to follow the guidelines given earlier.
  3. If we gargle using a small quantity of sesame oil or olive oil for five minutes every day, the wastages will come out of our body.
  4. If we clean our eyes with cold water five times every day, our liver will get cleaned.
  5. We should clean our ears using ear buds once in every week.

We can thus ensure that the food, water and air that go inside our body do not stagnate inside as wastages.

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