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  • We should do a prayer before we start eating the food.
  • We should not eat when we are not hungry. We should eat only when we are hungry.
  • Our food should contain all the six tastes. We should start by eating the sweet taste.
  • We should swallow the food only after fully enjoying its taste using our tongue.
  • We should chew the food till the tongue stops enjoying all the six tastes.
  • When we eat the food, we should close our eyes, chew the food without opening our lips till the food becomes a paste and then swallow it.
  • We should not drink water for halan hour before we start eating our food.
  • We should not drink water while eating food.
  • We should not drink water for halan hour after we finish eating our food.
  • Just before we start eating our food and just after we finish eating our food, we should drink a little water by sucking it from our palm.
  • We should eat our food only after a gap of 45 minutes after we finish taking bath or shower.
  • We should not take bath or shower for a period otwo and halhours after we finish eating the food.
  • Before we start eating food, we should clean our hands, legs and face.
  • We should not watch television while we eat our food.
  • We should not keep talking while we eat our food.
  • We should not keep our legs hanging while we eat our food.
  • Mother should not sit and eat her food along with her children.
  • We should not keep reading any book while we eat our food.
  • We should stop eating after we get the first belching. But we should eat again when we feel hungry.
  • As far as possible, we should eat food prepared by those who have concern for us.
  • All patients including sugar (diabetes) patients can eat all sweets, fruits and all the food liked by them liberally the moment they complete the treatment. (White sugar should be avoided).
  • While eating we should focus our attention only on the food. We should not think about our business, family, etc. while eating the food.
  • Those not having teeth should make the food into a paste using grinder, mixer, etc. and then eat it.
  • Home-cooked food is better than hotelcooked food. Food cooked with love and affection is the best.


  • We should not boil the drinking water.
  • When we feel thirst , we should immediately drink sufficient quantity of water to quench our thirst.
  • We should not use mineral water sold in bottles.
  • We should not filter the water using water filter or water purifier.
  • We can keep water in an earthen pot for two hours and then use it.
  • We should not drink water when we are not feeling thirsty.
  • We should drink water immediately after we pass urine.
  • We should not drink water pouring it into our mouth from above.
  • We should drink water by slowly sipping it little by little.
  • We can filter the water using a cotton cloth and then drink it.
  • We can put a banana skin, copper coin or copper plate inside the water for half an hour and then drink the water.
  • We should clean our drinking water tank frequently.
  • There is no prescribed quantity of water that we have to compulsorily drink every day.

3. AIR

  • We should not use mosquito coil, mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito mat, etc.
  • There should be good air ventilation at all places such as our home, office, factory, bed room, etc, at all times.
  • We should not keep all the windows closed in our bed room when we sleep.
  • We can use mosquito net to avoid mosquitoes biting us.
  • Air ventilation in the places where we live should be such that good air can come in and bad air can go out for all the 24 hours of the day.


  • We should not lie down to sleep with our head in the north direction.
  • We should not drink tea and coffee.
  • We should not lie down on barren floor.
  • Those who do physical work should sleep for at least 6 hours everyday.
  • Those who give work to their mind and brain should take rest for at least 6 hours every day.
  • We should know the difference between sleep and rest.
  • If we brush our teeth before going to bed, we will get good sleep.
  • If we massage the area below our jaw, we will get good sleep.
  • If we massage between the crown of our head and the top of the head, we will get good sleep.


  • We should eat only when we feel hungry.
  • The body temperature of a healthy human being is 37 degree Centigrade (98.4 degree Fahrenheit). Therefore, we should adjust the room temperature maintained by the Air Conditioning unit according to the climatic conditions.
  • We should eat according to the quantity of work we do or we should do work according to the amount of food we eat.
  • We should give work to all the joints in our body every day.

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