State Government job opportunities

Job opportunities in Government sector

After your bachelor degree (Under Graduation) and master degree (Post Graduation) completion, if you prefer to go for a job, below are some of the Tamil Nadu state Government job opportunities. You can choose the job based on your academic profile, interest and job availability.

  1. TNPSC – Group1
  2. TNPSC – Group1A
  3. TNPSC – Group1B
  4. TNPSC – Group2
  5. TNPSC – Group2A
  6. TNPSC – Group3
  7. TNPSC – Group3A
  8. TNPSC – Group4
  9. TNPSC – Group6
  10. TNPSC – Group7
  11. TNPSC – Group8
  12. VAO Examination
  14. NET Examination
  15. GATE Examination

Tamil Nadu State Government job opportunities:

As mentioned in above list, there are so many job opportunities in Tamil Nadu state Government in India every year.

List of Tamil Nadu State Government job positions
TNPSC – Group1 Deputy Collector
Deputy Superintendent of Police
District Registrar
District Employment Officer
TNPSC – Group1A Assistant Conservator of Forests
TNPSC – Group1B Assistant Commissioner
Exe. Officer in HR & CE Dept
TNPSC – Group2 Deputy Commercial Tax Officer
Sub Registrar, Grade-II
Probation Officer in Prison
Assistant Inspector of Labour
Junior Employment Officer
Assistant Section Officer in Finance Department in Secretariat
Assistant Section Officer in Law Department in Secretariat
Assistant Section Officer in TNPSC
Special Assistant in the Vigilance and Anti corruption Department
Assistant Inspector in Local Fund Audit Department
Audit Inspector in the Audit Wing of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Administration Department
Supervisor of Industrial Co-operatives in the Industries and Commerce
Senior Inspector of Co-operative Societies in Milk Production and Dairy Development Department
Senior Inspector of Co-operative Societies in Department of Registrar of Co-operative Societies
Supervisor / Junior Superintendent in Tamil Nadu Agricultural Marketing / Agricultural Business Department
Handloom Inspector in Handlooms and Textiles Department
Revenue Assistant in Revenue Department
Audit Assistant in the Accounts Branch of Highways Department
TNPSC – Group2A
TNPSC – Group3
TNPSC – Group3A
TNPSC – Group4
TNPSC – Group6
TNPSC – Group7
TNPSC – Group8
VAO Examination Village Administrative Officer in Revenue Department
TECHNICAL POST EXAMINATIONS Assistant Director of Statistics
Assistant Statistical Investigator
(Department of Economics and Statistics)
Assistant Surgeon
Lecturer in Law
Lecturer in Management
System Analyst
Veterinary Assistant Surgeon
Assistant Works Manager
Handloom Inspector
Research Assistant (Economics)
Research Assistant ( Geography)
Research Assistant (Sociology)
Research Assistant ( Statistics)
Assistant Public Prosecutor
Assistant Director of Handlooms
Assistant Engineer (Industries)
Assistant Electrical Inspector
Assistant Electrical Inspectorate Service
Junior Engineer (Civil) in Public Works Department
Junior Engineer (Highways)
Research Assistant in the Evaluation &
Applied Research
NET Examination Lecturer in Govt Engineering college
Junior Research Fellowship
GATE Examination Lecturer in Govt Polytechnic college

How to join in these jobs and where to join and what are all the ways to join?


  1. Check your eligibility:
  2. How to Apply?
    You can do “One Time Registration” for all TNPSC exams in website
  3. How to prepare?
    Please contact some institutions who are giving training for these exams
  4. Other details:
    There will be 2 written exams ( priliminary and main exams ) and one interview for Group1 and Group2. You can check the schedule date for all the exams in below link will be 1 written exam and one interview for Group 3 upto Group8. You can check the schedule date for all the exams in below link

After Joining in a good job, what next?

Click here for possible ways for making your job a success one in your industry.

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