Private job opportunities

Private job opportunities:

What can you do after your college education?

After your bachelor degree (Under Graduation) and master degree (Post Graduation) completion, if you prefer to go for a job, below are some of the job opportunities in respective field. You can choose the job based on your academic profile and interest.

  1. Software industry
  2. Hardware industry
  3. BPO
  4. Sales & Marketing industry
  5. Construction industry
  6. Catering industry
  7. Transport industry
  8. etc.

1. Software industry:

There are so many job opportunities in software industry in India every year. Software industry will keep on looking for freshers every year to maintain their business model (i.e. Pyramid model. Please refer below diagram). This below diagram is almost applicable for all business such as hardware industry, BPO, Sales & Marketing industry, Construction, Animation and VFX industry, Media and entertainment industry etc.


List of job opportunities in software companies/field
1 Software development –
Developing applications using C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, .net etc
2 Software testing –
Testing applications developed by
software development team
3 Production Support –
Providing support for the applications which are running in real-time
4 Administration
5 HR (Human Resources)
6 Gardening
7 Catering

How to join in these jobs and where to join and what are all the ways to join?


  1. Apply in online Job portals
  2. Approach for your referrals
  3. etc.

After Joining in a good job, what next?

Click here for possible ways for making your job a success one in your industry.

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