Bachelor to Master degrees

What can you choose after Bachelor degree to Master degrees course?

After your bachelor degree (Under Graduation), you can prefer to go for master degree (Post Graduation). Below are the respective master degrees you can select after your bachelor degree course completion.

Master Degree:

  1. For Engineering graduate:
    PG Course: ME/M.TECH/MS
    Entrance exams to be cleared: TANCET if Tamilnadu level. GATE if India level.
    Eligibility: B.E
  2. For Administration graduate:
    PG Course: MBA
    Entrance exams to be cleared: CAT, MAT, XAT if Tamilnadu level. GRE, IELTS if Abroad level.
    Eligibility: BBA
  3. For Computer Application graduate:
    PG Course: MCA
    Eligibility: BCA
  4. For Arts & Science graduate:
    PG Course: M.Sc
    Eligibility: B.Sc

List of PG Courses:

1. M.E (Mater of Engineering):

There are so many B.E courses offered by many colleges in India. They are given below.

List of Bachelor of Engineering courses offered in India
1 M.E. Geoinformatics
2 M.E. Urban Engineering
3 M.E. Structural Engineering
4 M.E. Construction Engineering and Management
5 M.E. Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
6 M.E. Irrigation Water Management
7 M.E. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
8 M.E. Environmental Engineering
9 M.E. Environmental Management
10 M.E. Integrated Water Resources Management
11 M.E. Internal Combustion Engineering
12 M.E. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
13 M.E. Engineering Design
14 M.E. Computer Aided Design (CAD)
15 M.E. Product Design and Development     (PDD)
16 M.E. Energy Engineering
17 M.E. Manufacturing Systems Management
18 M.E. Mechatronics
19 M.E. Printing Technology
20 M.E. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
21 M.E  Manufacturing Engineering
22 M.E. Industrial Engineering
23 M.E. Quality Engineering & Management
24 M.E. Power Systems Engineering
25 M.E. High Voltage Engineering
26 M.E. Control and Instrumentation Engineering
27 M.E. Power Electronics and Drives
28 M.E. Electrical Drives and  Embedded control
29 M.E. Embedded System Technologies
30 M.E. Applied Electronics
31 M.E. Communication Systems
32 M.E. VLSI Design
33 M.E. Medical Electronics
34 M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
35 M.E. Software Engineering
36 M.E. Multimedia Technology
37 M.E Systems Engineering and Operations Research
38 M.E. Communication & Networking
39 M.E. Avionics

2. M.Tech (Master of Technology)

There are so many M.TECH courses offered by many colleges in India. They are given below.

List of Bachelor of technology courses offered in India
1 M.Tech. Remote Sensing
2 M.Tech. Information Technology
3 M.Tech. Laser and Electro Optical Engineering
4 M.Tech.Polymer Science and Engineering
5 M.Tech Chemical Engineering
6 M.Tech Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Enginnering
7 M.Tech Ceramic Technology
8 M.Tech Textile Technology
9 M.Tech Biotechnology
10 M.Tech Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology
11 M.Arch Digital
12 M.Arch Landscape
13 M.Plan

2. M.Sc (Master of Science)

There are so many M.Sc courses offered by many colleges in India. They are given below.

List of Master of Science courses offered in India
1 M.Sc. Science & Technology Communication
2 M.Sc. Electronic Media 2 years
3 M.Sc. Electronic Media 5 years Integrated
4 M.Sc. Mathematics
5 M.Sc. Computer Science 5 years Integrated
6 M.Sc Information Technology 5 Years Integrated
7 M.Sc. Materials Science
8 M.Sc. Medical Physics
9 M.Sc. Applied Chemistry

How to join in these courses and where to join and what are all the ways to join?

  1. University and other colleges which are coming under its control
  2. Autonomous Colleges:
    To join in above 2 categorized colleges, You have to apply for Anna University counselling. Based on your twelth cuttoff marks, you will get colleges which are coming under its control.
    Management seat which you may approach those colleges to pay and join. In this case, you no need to go through University counselling system.
  3. Deemed University:
    These Universities will conduct their own entrance exams. You will get seat in these colleges based on your twelfth marks and this entrance exam marks

After Master degree course, what next?

Click here for possible ways for your higher studies and job opportunities in your stream after completion of your M.E , M.TECH, M.Sc, MBA.

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