After Engineering what next?

After your B.E, B.TECH, What next?

Have you completed your Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology? Great. After completing B.E or B.Tech, you have below options to choose.

  1. Job
  2. Higher Study
  3. Entrepreneur (Own Business)

1. Job:

There are so many job opportunities after completing your under graduation (B.E, B.TECH).

  • State Government jobs
  • Central Government jobs
  • Software jobs
  • Hardware jobs
  • BPO jobs
  • Sales & Marketing jobs
  • Administration & Management jobs
  • HR jobs
  • Jobs in construction field
  • Banking jobs

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2. Higher study:

After completing your under graduation (B.E, B.TECH), you can prefer to go for higher studies. Please click here for more details on higher studies.

3. Entrepreneur (Own Business):

You also can decide if you have good background and support to start your own business. But, It is preferred to work for few years in some companies before becoming Entrepreneur. As your working experience will give more exposure on real life difficulties to run a business by your own.

We provide some of the businesses ideas that you can plan. But, It’s just some ideas only. You can think and come up with your own business ideas.

Few business ideas for Entrepreneurs:

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