Guidance on Education & Career in India

Guidance on Education & Career in India:

This website provides guidance to the school students and college students on what they can plan after their studies of 10th, 12th and colleges.

  • This will give an overview of the education and career pipeline that is currently existing in Tamil Nadu. This will help students and parents to have better idea on Tamil Nadu educational systems and career opportunities.
  • You can inquire further and shall decide your best education and career path based on your interest. Students, teachers, professors, professionals and everyone are welcome to share your suggestions and ideas to improve this database further.

Guidance on education and career for students:

Let’s assume that a student have completed his/her 10th standard (SSLC) in Tamil Nadu. After completion of 10th standard, below are the possible streams and courses a student can choose for his/her Higher Studies.

  1. Higher Secondary (11th and 12th)
    State board
    Central board
  2. Diploma (1st year)
  3. ITI

1. Higher Secondary (11th and 12th):

A student can choose any one of the below courses for his/her higher secondary education after his/her 10th standard education.

List of Groups available in HSC (11th and 12th)
1 101 – physics, chemistry, statistics, mathematics;
2 102 – physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics;
3 103 – physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics;
4 104 – physics, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics;
5 105 – physics, chemistry, english for communication, mathematics;
6 106 – physics, chemistry, mathematics, home science;
7 201 – physics, chemistry, biology, computer science;
8 202 – physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology;
9 203 – physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry;
10 204 – physics, chemistry, biology, nursing;
11 205 – physics, chemistry, biology, nutrition and dietetics;
12 206 – physics, chemistry, biology, english for communication;
13 207 – physics, chemistry, biology, home science;
14 208 – physics, chemistry, botany, zoology.
15 301 – statistics, economics, commerce, accountancy;
16 302 – computer science, economics, commerce, accountancy;
17 303 – english for communication, economics, commerce, accountancy;
18 304 – history, economics, commerce, accountancy;
19 305 – economics, political science, commerce, accountancy;
20 306 – economics, commerce, accountancy, ethics and Indian culture;
21 307 – economics, commerce, accountancy, advanced language;
22 308 – economics, commerce, accountancy, business mathematics;
23 401 – statistics, geography, history, economics;
24 402 – computer science, geography, history, economics;
25 403 – geography, english for communication, history, economics;
26 404 – geography, history, economics, political science;
27 405 – geography, history, economics, ethics and Indian culture;
28 406 – geography, history, economics, advanced language;

After Higher Secondary (11th and 12th)?

Below are the available degree courses that a student can choose after completion of his/her 12th standard.

Bachelor Degrees:

Below are the bachelor degrees that a student can choose after his/her higher secondary (11th and 12th).

  1. Bachelor of Engineering, Technology (B.E, B.TECH):

    B.E. CSE, B.Tech IT, B.E. ECE, B.E. Mechanical, B.E. Civil etc.
    Note: If you want to choose any of these degree course, you should had selected respective subject in 11th, 12th standard.
    Click here to know more details about B.E & B.TECH

  2. Medical:

    MBBS, BDS, B.Pharm, B.Sc(Nursing), B.P.T etc…
    Click here to know more details about Medical

  3. Arts & Science:

    BBA, BCA, BA, B.Sc, B.Com etc…
    Click here to know more details about Arts & Science

  4. Teacher Training:

    D.TEd, B.Ed (Having any one of above Arts & Science degree is Eligible for B.Ed)
    Click here to know more details about Teacher Training

  5. Charted Accountant
  6. Agriculture
  7. Law: B.L
  8. Animation, VFX, Media & Entertainment


2. Diploma (1st year)

Below are the list of Diploma courses, a student can choose after his/her 10th standard education.

List of Groups available in HSC (11th and 12th)
1 Computer Science & Engineering
2 Electrical & Electronics Engineering
3 Electronics and Communication
4 Mechanical Engineering
5 Civil Engineering
6 Information Technology
7 Textile Technology
8 Electrical Engineering
9 Fine Arts
10 Aeronautical Engineering
11 Chemical Engineering
12 Software Engineering
13 Mining Engineering
14 Petroleum Engineering
15 Mechatronics
16 Automobile Engineering
17 Bio-Medical Engineering
18 Environmental Engineering
19 Fashion Technology
20 Fire Engineering
21 Architecture Engineering
22 Ceramic Technology
23 Rubber Technology
24 Plastic Technology
25 3D Animation
26 Beaty culture
27 Cosmetology
28 Agriculture
29 Hotel management and Catering technology
30 Business Administration

After completing diploma, a student can join direct 2nd year in B.E, B.TECH or in respective course and department.

3. ITI

Below are the list of ITI courses, a student can choose after his/her 10th standard education.

List of Groups available in HSC (11th and 12th)
1 Refrigeration and AC mechanic
2 Attendant Operator Chemical Plant
3 Carpenter
4 Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
5 Craftsman Food Production Vegetarian
6 Cutting and Sewing
7 Data Entry Operator
8 Data Preparation and Computer Software
9 Desk Top Publishing Operator
10 Digital Photographer
11 Draughtsman Civil
12 Draughtsman Mechanical
13 Driver Cum Mechanic Light Motor Vehicle
14 Electrician
15 Electronic Mechanic
16 Electroplater
17 Embroidery and Needle Work
18 Fitter
19 Hospital House Keeping
20 Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance
21 Instrument Mechanic
22 Instrument Mechanic Chemical Plant
23 Leather Goods Maker
24 Litho Offset Machine Minder
25 Machinist
26 Manufacture of Footwear
27 Mechanic Diesel
28 Mechanic Maintenance Chemical Plant
29 Mechanic Motor Vehicle
30 Mechanic Radio and Television
31 Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioner
32 Moulder
33 Old Age Care
34 Pattern Maker
35 Plastic Processing Operator
36 Plumber
37 Pre Preparatory School Management Assistant
38 Stenography English
39 Tool and Die Maker Dies and Moulds
40 Turner
41 Welder Gas and Electric
42 Wireman

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