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Facing this issue for quite long, I would like experts to help me with it?  


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16/05/2017 5:46 pm  

I require or I would like to generate following output from the query:
--Hadid Automobile Loan 100 200 200 100
--Nahyan Automobile Loan 0 100 100 100 

I am using the following query and I would need help from professionals working in reputed software development companies so that I can get best examples of coding. The idea of getting help from professionals working in top firms is because it is a fact that experience teaches a lot of lessons and learning. There are a lot of things that an individual learns in practical life rather than school or college days. This is the reason that I am requesting experts and professionals to help me with it.


Create Table Workforce
EName varchar(20),
AmtType varchar(30),
Cash decimal(18,2),
AAmount decimal(18,2),
BAmount decimal(18,2),
CAmount decimal(18,2),

Insert into Workforce values('Hadid','Car Loan',100,0,0,0)
Insert into Workforce values('Hadid','Car Loan',0,100,0,0)
Insert into Workforce values('Hadid','Car Loan',0,0,100,0)
Insert into Workforce values('Hadid','Car Loan',0,0,0,100)

Insert into Workforce values('Nahyan','Car Loan',0,100,0,0)
Insert into Workforce values('Nahyan','Car Loan',0,0,100,0)
Insert into Workforce values('Nahyan','Car Loan',0,0,0,100)

Select * from Workforce

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