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WASHINGTON [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Brendan-Langley-Broncos-Jersey/]Brendan Langley Jersey[/url] , Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry beat Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James as the top vote-getter in the final results of the NBA All-Star Game starters, the league announced on Thursday.

Curry trailed by 13,285 ballots in the latest update [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Carlos-Henderson-Broncos-Jersey/]Carlos Henderson Jersey[/url] , but the versatile guard finished with 1,513,324 fan votes to 1 [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Demarcus-Walker-Broncos-Jersey/]Demarcus Walker Jersey[/url] ,470,483 for "King" James, who was last year's top vote-getter.

Curry is joined in the Western Conference backcourt by the LA Lakers' Kobe Bryant with 1 [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Garett-Bolles-Broncos-Jersey/]Garett Bolles Jersey[/url] ,152,402 votes. Bryant was selected for the 17th straight time, second only to the Lakers' legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Courtland-Sutton-Broncos-Jersey/]Courtland Sutton Jersey[/url] , who was selected 19 times.

New Orleans' Anthony Davis and Memphis' Marc Gasol will share the West frontcourt with the LA Clippers' Blake Griffin for his fifth selection.

In the Eastern Conference, Toronto's Kyle Lowry made up more than 100,000 votes to sprint past 10-time All-Star Dwyane Wade of Miami for a starting guard spot. John Wall joins with Lowry in the backcourt.

James [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Bradley-Chubb-Broncos-Jersey/]Bradley Chubb Jersey[/url] , a starter for the 11th time in his 12 seasons, is teamed in the frontcourt with Chicago's Pau Gasol of Chicago and New York's Carmelo Anthony.

The 64th NBA All-Star Game is set for Feb. 15 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, home of the Knicks.


SYDNEY, June 14 (Xinhua) -- The Australian share market closed lower on Tuesday.

At 4:15 p.m. (AEST), the benchmark S&PASX 200 index was down 109.3 points, or 2.06 percent, at 5,203.3 points, while the broader All Ordinaries index was down 109.1 points, or 2.02 percent, at 5,282.5 points.

IG market analyst Angus Nicholson told Xinhua that whilst the market didn't have the best day, it did have to play a bit of catch up having been closed yesterday.

""It was one of the worst sells offs we've seen since I think early April,"" Nicholson said.

""The ASX is sitting right on 5,200 which is a very key support level.""

He noted the energy and banking sector did not fair well.

""The retreat in the oil price really hit energy stocks today,"" he said.

""But I also think the risk off sentiment and concerns about a range of macro factors from Brexit to China to Fed monetary policy. All of that also weighed on the index as a whole.""

At the close, ANZ lost 2.47 percent, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was down 2.40 percent, the National Australia Bank fell 2.15 percent, and Westpac was down 2.20 percent.

BHP Billiton lost 2.93 percent, rival Rio Tinto was down 1.57 percent while gold miner Newcrest closed the day 1.39 percent higher.

Oil Search was down 2.18 percent, Santos fell 6.57 percent and Woodside Petroleum closed the day 2.74 percent lower.

Wesfarmers lost 1.96 percent while Woolworths was down 1.90 percent.

Qantas closed the day 4.33 percent lower, while Telstra closed the day 1.74 percent lower.


Loads of individuals are choice their own couches are enlisting in Ballroom in addition to Latina National show up instructional classes. Dance is actually a fantastic means to find effective [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Hats/]Cheap Denver Broncos Hats[/url] , meet new people and discover an amazing completely new activity. Even so every week although I see newcomers not receiving the obtain the most from their particular type because they do not have the right clothes and shoes.

Footwear is the best item for a professional dancer. Also enthusiastic interpersonal ballet dancers ensure they have very good cozy sneakers. Ball room along with Latin strategy will involve an individual moving your own foot around the floor: you can’t try this with athletic shoes, a whole lot worse you might damage you actually leg pushing the base. Ultimately you should have sneakers with suede or leather soles. These shoes can not be donned outside though, you will eliminate the bottoms. If you can’t have leather-based soled shoes or boots get a sleek single shoe.

Females [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/T-Shirts/]Cheap Denver Broncos T-Shirts[/url] , almost all ball room show up ways have anyone transferring back, you cannot stage in the opposite direction with a get on running shoe. It’s not possible to party easily in a sneaker that doesn’t continue to be on the ft .. That suggests a sandal with a band as well as a judge footwear that meets correctly.

The other critical point with shoes can be that Girls they need to have a back heel: usually 3 12″ however 2″ should you be more at ease in the item. Level brighten tennis shoes or ballroom household slippers will not enable you to with ball room and Latina American: your weight has to become towards the top of your foot and the fastest way to achieve that is with a correct shoe.

Males footwear is much easier ( space ) associated with an individual use a costume footwear with a comparatively clean main instead of shoes.

Apparel: once again the unexpected the number of folks who don tight fitting apparel in addition to think they are going to be comfy moving. Use one thing at ease but, specifically if you usually are having to pay for non-public training [url= http://www.teambroncosshop.com/Hoodie/]Cheap Denver Broncos Hoodie[/url] , don clothes that demonstrates the human body’s brand. The reason that ballroom ballroom dancers commonly wear leotards happens because that is what displays themselves alignment the best. Ballroom isn’t rather as extraordinary nevertheless its nevertheless necessary to wear one thing that will not likely journey up at the shoulder joint therefore make you appear like you’ve lifted the shoulders despite the fact that have not. For adult males that eliminates almost any frequent small business or even activities hat: simply jackets manufactured for dance will remain correctly throughout your shoulder with your current biceps upward in ballroom carry. The majority of adult men steer clear of the dilemma by wearing a company shirt for ball room or maybe T-shirt for Latin American. Gents pants need to once more not way too full so that his her lower-leg series can be viewed.

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  37. C program to delete an element from an array
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  48. C program for selection sort

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