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The Redskins announced they have placed their 21st player  


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10/06/2019 4:04 am  
 on injured reserve for the season. Reserve offensive lineman Austin Howard has been placed on IR with a pectoral injury. In a corresponding roster move Da’Ron Payne Jersey , the Redskins have signed T Timon Parris from the practice squad. Washington needed to add another tackle because #1 back OT Ty Nsekhe was ruled out for tomorrow’s game in Tennessee against the Titans with a knee injury. The Redskins injury problems on the offensive line continue as they will need to shuffle players again. Nsekhe was playing LG, but Tony Bergstrom practiced this week, and could make his return to the lineup.The Redskins also ruled out TE Vernon Davis and WR Maurice Harris. Both players are in the concussion protocol, and could not be cleared in time to travel with the team. Washington is also missing TE Jordan Reed for tomorrow’s game so Jeremy Sprinkle will get the start with Matt Flanagan backing him up. Josh Doctson is also questionable after having back spasms following Wednesday’s practice. Josh Johnson is going to be missing a lot of his weapons this week. Jay Gruden says he is looking for some improvements from Alex Smith, Redskins’ offense - The Washington Post“There are some things that we have to clean up Derrius Guice Jersey ," the head coach said a day after the team's 23-17 win over Carolina.SNIDER: Redskins' Josh Norman leans on Bible for strength | 106.7 The FanThe Redskins CB turned to the Bible to fuel his best game in two years.Snap Counts: Redskins-Panthers, Week 6Check out this week's snap counts for the Washington Redskins in their game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.Redskins need a winning streak to convince legion of skeptics | NBC Sports WashingtonEven with a quality win on Sunday, the Redskins have a lot more work to do to convince skeptics around the NFL that they have improved from the last few mediocre seasons.Need to Know: Tandler’s Take—Dramatic improvement to Redskins rushing defense | NBC Sports WashingtonNeed to Know: Tandler looks at how these 3-2 Redskins are better off than the 2016 and 2017 teams that had the same record plus winning with takeaways.20 years in, the THINK-PINK! campaign is raising breast cancer awareness | NBC Sports WashingtonTanya Snyder and the Redskins celebrated the 20th anniversary of their THINK-PINK! campaign in Week 6, highlighting a movement that's now league-wide.'I try to make it a little bit fun': Tony Romo returns to Washington Geron Christian Jersey , this time as a broadcaster | Sports | richmond.comIn an era where quarterbacks are trying to extend their careers to age 40, Tony Romo went the opposite direction.Cooley At The Park - Episode 3Cooley reviews the Redskins win over the Panthers, sits down and talks to running back Adrian Peterson, and goes around the NFL.Week 7 NFC East Update: As Giants derail rest of division rebounds | NBC Sports WashingtonIn Week 5, every NFC East team suffered an embarassing defeat. In Week 6 Troy Apke Jersey , every NFC East team rebounded, except for the New York Giants.



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