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Nike Air More Uptempo 720 University Red  


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03/04/2019 1:19 pm  

2019 Mens Jordans transplanted the Air Max 720 full air cushion sole to the classic basketball shoe "Air AIR" Air More Uptempo. In addition to the air cushion, the AIR Logo also appeared in a bolder image. This brand will be this Air More Uptempo 720 brings a new color scheme "University Red". The shoe body is mainly made of breathable mesh material. The red color is used as the main tone. The shoes are white and big "AIR MAX" with the white air cushion. The flamboyant design is more eye-catching. Nike Air More Uptempo 720 "University Red" shoes will be available at the designated Nike retail point in the next few weeks, priced at $200.

2019 Sneakers Release,As the weather gets warmer, everyone is looking forward to the more breathable and refreshing Yeezy 350 series, coupled with the recently launched Yeezy Asian limited fire, everyone is looking forward to the next release of the Yeezy 350 V2. In order to marry her daughter, kanya promised to create a Yeezy 350 V2 that will glow, and then produce two color schemes of fluorescent green and fluorescent orange. Recently, more high-definition physical maps of fluorescent series have been transmitted on the Internet. The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 GID pair of shoes is decorated with fluorescent green, while using the most popular side-through design in the near future, it is also a pair of shoes suitable for spring and summer wear. The upcoming color scheme is equipped with fresh colors, and people can't help but think of macarons, plus the use of luminous soles, so that the whole pair of shoes have a high degree of eye-catching whether it is worn day or night. It is worth mentioning that the luminous sole design is only carried on the previous Yeezy 750, and it is the first time to apply to the Yeezy 350. I believe that the first pair of luminous Yeezy 350 will not be too difficult to get started.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Fear of God x Nike series won the praise of many shoe fans after the launch of the first color match last year. Recently, the principal Jerry Lorenzo officially announced the number of shoes planned for this summer. Air Fear of God 1 is expected to release two colors, lime and coral orange. Unlike the original black and white and gray, these two models are in solid color regardless of the upper or the midsole. The original 3M toe cap and transparent outsole are preserved, and the overall texture is very fresh. Air Fear of God Raid is a shoe that has never been sold before. The three colors of black and white, gray and black are coming soon. Based on the classic Air Raid 2, it incorporates the simple design of Fear of God. Like the Air Fear of God, with a Zoom Air air cushion, it would be great if you think of it.



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