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If you thought the next time you saw Pittsburgh Steelers  


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10/06/2019 4:34 am  
 wide receiver Antonio Brown it would be smoking a fat cigar and sitting next to former Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Johnson Ulysees Gilbert Jersey 2019 , then you guessed correctly. In a rare appearance since teasing a sit down interview with James Harrison on social media last week, Brown was back on his favorite social media platform once again on Friday promoting another upcoming broadcast - one that he claimed would address “all the negative speculations about my character.”In another segment of his Instagram live video captured by TMZ, Brown maintained his love of the game, regardless of any perceptions about his age. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.What all this means for his future is anyone’s guess Cheap Ulysees Gilbert Jersey , but given the remarks of Art Rooney II on Thursday, the answer to thatmay have little to do with what Brown says anymore. While there is every chance that sitting down with Steelers management could clear the air, it is doubtful the front office will pay much attention to his posts on social media, regardless of the “deeper details” he shares in the coming weeks.The possibility of a trade still hangs in the air and it would appear that might not necessarily be something Brown is opposed to either. The Pittsburgh Steelers defense needs to upgrade if the team is to return as a serious threat to the Patriots in the AFC. Inside Linebacker is a definite concern Justin Layne Jersey 2019 , but with Bud Dupree considered by some as a disappointment and a possible departure of FA Anthony Chickillo ...Pittsburgh can’t live on T.J. Watt and his 12 sacks alone. So they may address the edges as well. Here are OLBs available in free agency and whether or not they would be considered a Steeler option.Jadeveon Clowney - Houston TexansThis guy would be awesome in the Steel City, but the 26-year old (Feb. 14) could set the market in a defense-heavy offseason of free agency. Devastating against the run and as a pass rusher, the 2014 No. 1 overall pick had nine sacks, three fumble recoveries and a career-high 21 quarterback hits. Pairing him with another Watt could help the Steelers pass rush to be phenomenal and give the secondary more time to cover receivers. Wouldn’t be cheap  https://www.thesteelerslockerroom.com/authentic-juju-smith-schuster-jersey  , but would be well worth it.Dee Ford - Kansas City ChiefsFord has been inconsistent for Kansas City. He looked like a world beater in 2016 with ten sacks, but his other three years were sub par for the 2014 first rounder. Granted, last year Ford had a back injury. He did rebound with a vengeance in 2018 with 13 sacks. His run support game is said to be sub par, but Ford is a very good pass rusher.Za’Darius Smith - Baltimore RavensEverybody talks T-Sizzle and C.J. Mosley JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey White , but Smith is a talent. The 2015 fourth-rounder had 8 1鈦? of hs 18 1鈦? career sacks in 2018. Smith would be a great sign and the Steelers wouldn’t hesitate to bring a guy like this over from a division rival. The Steelers already righted the fact that they picked the wrong Ole Miss CB (Senquez Golson) in the second round of 2015. Maybe they could finally get the right Kentucky OLB instead of the Wildcat they selected in Round One that year (Bud Dupree).K.J. Wright - Seattle SeahawksSoon to be 30, Wright has had an impressive career in a Seattle uniform. Limited to a mere five games due to an injured knee, Wright is still projected to be ready for 2019 and could be a bargain for the Steelers. Wright has played outside and inside throughout his career. Shaq Barrett - Denver Broncos Barrett is a young and solid edge-rush linebacker. Despite missing his entire rookie year, Barrett had a solid 2015 and 2016. Injuries hampered Shaq and limited him to four sacks in 2017. The Broncos added Bradley Chubb and Barrett’s opportunities were limited and he produced onlythree sacks in 2018 Womens T. J. Watt Jersey , but he has tons of upside. Other Available Free Agent Outside Linebackers:Anthony Barr - Minnesota VikingsPreston Smith - Washington RedskinsTerrell Suggs - Baltimore Ravens Shane Ray - Denver Broncos Lorenzo Alexander - Buffalo Bills



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