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Copy the content of buffer to temp buffer  


Megha Bhirade
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12/11/2018 11:46 am  


I am writing embedded controller code by using c language, i am declaring two 8 bit buffers of size,

uint8_t buff[255];

uint8_t  temp_buffer[30] = {0};

void Check_FE_recreate_frame(void)
uint16_t temp_ctr = 0;
uint16_t kdx = 0;

temp_buffer[temp_ptr] = buff[0];

for (kdx = 1; kdx <= 20; kdx++)
if ((buff[kdx] == 0xFF) && (buff[kdx + 1] == 0xFE))
temp_buffer[temp_ptr] = 0xFF;
temp_buffer[temp_ptr] = buff[kdx];
len = Rx_ptr - temp_ctr;

int main()



function call();


the function is running in while 1 loop, once the data is receiving in to buffer and copying into temp_buffer , for second time it is receiving data but not overwriting in to temp_buffer???

Please help me to solve this?



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