C – All other library functions

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C All other library functions:

All C inbuilt functions which are declared in all other header files such as stdarg.h, signal.h, setjmp.h, locale.h, errno.h and assert.h are given below.

List of all other inbuilt functions in C:

Header files
Functions declared in the header file
stdarg.h va_start()
signal.h signal()
setjmp.h setjmp()
locale.h setlocale()
errno.h errno()
assert.h assert()
Header file Functions
va_start() This function indicates the start process of variable length argument list in a program
va_arg() This function is used to fetch the arguments from variable length argument list
va_end() This function indicates the end process of variable length argument list in a program
signal() It is used to install signal handler
raise() It is used to raise signal in a C program
setjmp() This function prepares to use longjmp() function
longjmp() It is used for non local jump
setlocale() It sets locale()
localeconv() It gets locale conventions
errno() This function sets errno value to 0 at the beginning of the program. This value is modified to other than 0 when an error occurs while any function call.
assert() This function gets an integer as paramenter. If this paramenter is 0, writes message
to stderr. Then, terminates the program. If this paramenter is non 0, it does nothing.

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