What are the gory details of the SCWCD exam – how many questions are there, how much time etc.?

SCWCD stands for Sun Certification for Web Component Developer. The current version of the exam is SCWCD 5 and the exam number is CX-310-083. The exam has 69 questions. You get 180 minutes for the exam. Most people find the time to be sufficient for the exam. You need to get 70% (that is 49) correct answers to clear the exam. There is no negative marking in the exam. The SCWCD5 exam is based on J2EE v1.4 version: serlvet (2.4) and JSP (2.0) and JSTL (1.1) specs.

What is the difference between SCWCD 1.4 and SCWCD 5 exam?

Both the exam has same objectives. The SCWCD 5 exam just uses more “code-oriented” i.e. practical questions, rather than theoretical questions. Any book/mock exam that you may have on for SCWCD 1.4 may also be used for SCWCD 5.

What type of questions are there in the exam?

The majority of the questions are multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers. These questions specify the number of correct answers (if there are more than one correct). The remaining questions are drag-and drop. This will require you to move a list of elements to another list, such that they are in a specific order.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the SCWCD exam?

You need to clear the SCJP before you can take the SCWCD exam.

What is included in the SCWCD exam?

The four topics that are covered in the SCWCD exam are –

  1. Servlets version 2.4
  2. JSP version 2.0
  3. JSTL version 1.1
  4. Design Patterns

Among these Design Patterns constitute only a small number of questions (4-5). Remaining questions are from Servlets, JSP and JSTL.

How do I test my JSP and Servlet code?

You will need to install a Web Server. Apaches Tomcat is an open source Web server.

How do I prepare for the SCWCD exam?

There are two good books that cater to the SCWCD exam. Besides these there are a lot of good books on Servlets and JSP. My recommendation is that you start with either the book Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Companion: SCWCD Java EE 5 by Charles E. Lyons or Head First Servlets and JSP by Bryan Basham et al. Take all the available free mock exams. Once you start scoring 80+ in mock exams, it is time to call Sun.

Are there any mock exams and tutorials present for SCWCD exam?

Visit the SCWCD links section of this site.

I just cleared SCJP, should I go for SCJD (developer exam) or SCWCD (web developer exam)?

This depends upon the kind of work you are doing currently. If you are using JavaTM technology for web development, then you need to take the SCWCD exam, otherwise SCJD will be a better option for you. If you do not have much experience in Java technology, and looking for jobs in Java technology, then SCWCD is a better option. Mainly because SCWCD takes less time, and because Servlets and JSP are hot at present. Also take a look at the SCJD FAQ

How much time will it take to prepare for the SCWCD exam?

This will depend on how much experience you have in servlets/JSP and your prior programming experience. Assuming you have some basic experience in Servlets and/or JSP, you can probably prepare for the certification exam in four to eight weeks.

How does SCWCD compare in complexity with the SCJP exam?

The material you need to prepare for SCWCD is less than that of SCJP. Most people find SCWCD to be easier than SCJP, but it clearly depends upon ones aptitude. Unlike SCJP, SCWCD has very few programmatic questions. Again, unlike SCJP, SCWCD requires one to memorize some topics like deployment descriptor, servlet API etc.

Which are the books that I can use for the SCWCD exam?

Please refer to the SCWCD books section of this site.

Is there any site that has questions listed by topic for SCWCD?

Please refer to the SCWCD questions section of this site.

What is the mechanism of taking the exam?

There are two steps involved. You need to first buy a voucher from Sun. Within the United States Sun may be contacted at (800) 422-8020. The exams are conducted by Sylvan Prometric. After you get the voucher, you can contact Sylvan Prometric when you are ready to set up an appointment. You may register online at or contact a Sylvan Prometric test center. A list of Prometric testing center’s is available online at their site .

I passed the exam. Now where can I see the results online?

You may check your certification results online at . This site has the database of all candidates who have cleared Sun’s certifications.

How much does it cost to take the exam?

The approximate cost of taking the exam in some countries is given below.

Country Cost
USA $300
Italy Euro 282
UK 165 GBP + VAT

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