Sun certification for web component developer is becoming a very popular certification. Servlets and JSP have become extremely popular in the industry. If you have cleared SCJP and are interested in Servlets and JSP, then SCWCD is the certification for you.

A detailed FAQ for Sun’s SCWCD exam

How much time I need to prepare for the SCWCD exam? Should I go for the developer exam or the SCWCD exam? Find all answers to your questions related to Sun’s certification here.

Books for the SCWCD exam

There are not many books specific to SCWCD. Can I still prepare for the certification exam using some good books?

Other sites that cover the SCWCD exam

The SCWCD exam is relatively new. Are there any other sites that have more information about the SCWCD exam. Also find a list of mock exams here.

Questions by topic for the SCWCD exam

This site was the first site to provide free questions by topic for the SCJP exam. Now we have sample questions by topic for some of the topics covered in the SCWCD exam.

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