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The most authentic web site on SCJP (Sun’s Java Programmer Certification) is obviously the Sun’s certification site The site has exam’s objectives for SCJP, sample questions, FAQ etc. When preparing for SCJP, this is the first site you should be looking at.

Sites covering study material on Java Certification

Objectives for the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java” 2 Platform : this should be the starting point of your preparation.
Java Skimmy has a tutorial based on Sun’s Certification objectives.
Jyothi Krishnan’s website has another good tutorial directly based on Sun’s objective.
Michael Thomas website has another tutorial on Java Certification.
Marcus Green’s Java 2 Certification last minute tutorial is probably the most popular Java 2 certification site.’s Focus on JavaTM has an article on advantages of Certification and some other links. Lots of good stuff on Java technology. is site on Java technology (FAQs, articles etc.) in Russian.
Rick’s Programming website has notes based on Java 1.1 Certification Study Guide, by Simon Roberts and Phillip Heller.

Sites covering FAQs on Java Certification

Marcus Green’s Java Certification FAQ has a very thorough and detailed FAQ.
Java FAQ site provides a new tip on Java each day.
Java Q and A has a large set of technical question and answers on Java technology.

Mock exams for Java Certification

Dan Chisholm web site has high quality mock exams for the SCJP 1.4 exam. It has more than 350 questions. It also has mock exam questions by topic.
Marcus Green’s 1st Java Certification exam consisting of 60 questions.
Marcus Green’s 2nd Java Certification exam consisting of 60 questions.
Marcus Green’s 3rd Java Certification exam consisting of 60 questions.
Chris Grindstaff’s Java Certification applet simulates the real exam. It is a high quality mock exam with level of difficulty higher than the real exam.
Bills Java Certification Resources has a mock exam consisting of 21 questions.
Hardest Questions Simulation has a mock exam consisting of 19 “tough” questions.
JavaRanch’s Java rule roundup has a set of 36 questions.
Khalid Mughal’s exam applet consisting of 59 questions.
JDiscuss has four mock exams of 30 questions each.
Maha Anna’ mock exam list is very comprehensive list of certification mock exams along with authors comments.

Discussion forums on Java Certification

Java Ranch has an extremely popular discussion forum on Java Certification.
JDiscuss is a new site that has discussion forums for various topics covered in Certification.

Other Certification exams on Java technology

Brainbench provides certification exams in various technical areas including Java technology. At present they are offering one free certification exam voucher for new registrants.

Other Java technology Sites

Javaside provides code samples in Java technology, and Java technology tips.

JustJavaJobs is an online jobsite dedicated to Java professionals.

Other Technical Sites

PreparePM has free information on how to prepare for PMI’s PMP examination. PMP is a very reputed certification for Project Managers.
eWebGlobe has information on various countries including capitals, population. It also has a good quiz on Geography. IT-Careernet is a useful site for IT Professionals seeking jobs, full-time careers, or contract consulting opportunities in the U.S and Europe. The site allows users to post jobs and resumes online free of charge.

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