Coding and Decoding 3


A)    In a certain language,

“you are welcome” coded as “cut copy paste”

“they are very good” coded as “copy edit print save”

“ they welcome good” coded as “insert color save”


1)   Then what is the code for “PEOPLE” and “VERY”?

  1. insert   save
  2. format   copy
  3. print  edit
  4. format   print

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Answer: option (D)

Explaination: Compare any two sentence.

 For example: compare 1st and 2nd sentence ARE is a common word lies between both sentence.similar to that COPY is a common word which indicates the answer.

2)   REDS  are   BLUE,BLUE are WHITE,WHITE are YELLOWS,YELLOWS  are  ORANGE and ORANGE  are  PINK. then what is the colour of SKY?

  1. red
  2. white
  3. orange
  4. blue

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3)   If BUS  is called  TRAIN,TRAIN  is called  TRACTOR,TRACTOR  is called  SCOOTER,SCOOTER  is  called  BICYCLE,so that which is used to plough a field?

  1. train
  2. tractor
  3. bus
  4. scooter

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4)   If APPLE known as BANANA,BANANA  as  GUAVA,GUAVA  as GRAPES,GRAPES  as MANGO,MANGO as  PINE APPLE,PINE APPLE  as  NASEBERRY,NASEBERRY  as  BLACKBERRY.what is the name of brown colour fruit?

  1. naseberry
  2. mango
  3. grapes
  4. pine apple

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